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Top five of the activities to do part 2

23 Août 2016, 13:17pm

Publié par Jade Louisar



Let's continue!


Top five of the activities you must do if you visit Martinique:

1. Nauticals activities:

Martinique is an iland which mean there is beaches everywhere, and it offer plenty of possibilities. You could try kayaking in the mangrove, diving in the middle of tropical fishes and turtles, or make a lil trip in catamaran to see the dolphins ;) 



2. Carnivaaaaaaaal!!!

Carnival is one of the most popular cultural celebretion of the iland. It last four days from saturday to wednesday, each day has a special theme, and group of musicians and dancers parade dressed in traditional attire or after the theme of the day, people dress up after those themes too and go to the parade to dance sing and celebrate with their friend or family. During the parade there is also Vaval who pass in the streets, Vaval is a huge representation of the caricature of something that as marked the year, and we burn it the last day of carnival, the wednesday of ashes. Those hollidays are amazing, the atmosphere is just crazy! When you're a real Martinican you wait for those days as soon as they're just finished.





3. The Montagne Pelée

For those of you who are more sportives one than partyers we have something too don't worry. The Montagne Pelée is an inactive volcano which peak at 1400m, and guess what? You can hike up to the summit! Isn't it freackin cool?


4. The garden of Balata

The garden of Balata is a botanical garden founded in 1982 by Jean-Philippe Thoze on his familial habitation. It regroup an impressive quantity of local plants, but also plants from every where organized around the old creole house.


5. The Dubuc castle 

In the heart of the peninsula of Caravelle are the ruins of the Dubuc castle, it worth the visit !


Of course those two places have a lot more to offer, just go discover it by yourself :D !

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